Dear Friends,
As a child, whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said "a princess". Or a movie star. Or a secret agent. As an only child and Army brat, I was frequently alone, but I was seldom lonely. I always had my imaginary friends to entertain me. Thank goodness I finally found a profession where they could entertain you, too! Becoming a romance writer was a natural progression for me. The only thing I loved more than the craft of writing was falling in love. I was the only 13-year-old on the block who found John-Boy Walton hopelessly sexy and my first attempt at a pirate historical came when I was twelve years old. I'm blushing to remember that the name of the dashing pirate who kidnapped my intrepid heroine was none other than Sir Donald Osmond.

When I was seven years old, I dropped Bugs Bunny for Victoria Holt and never looked back. My fate was decided when a senior high English teacher ripped a historical romance out from under my literature book and pronounced it "trash", making me cry in front of the entire class. That same teacher now frequently invites me to speak to her local writer's group. I graciously accept (smile).

Some of you may wonder what the life of a successful writer is like. I hope it won't disappoint you to learn that I'm much more likely to be found scooping out the litter box than wandering around the house in a pink feather boa, plotting my next masterpiece. My husband and I enjoy bicycling, church activities, and that entertainment staple of childless couples throughout the world--eating out.

I've always been attracted to quirky things. I love all things Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the X-Files, the Rocky Horror Picture Show. My current favorites are LOST, 24 and HOUSE. I'm never happier than when there's a cat (or my beloved husband) in my arms. I love writing romance because it gives me a chance to give voice to my belief in the power of love to bring about a happy ending. Thank you for sharing my dream and giving me the opportunity to make it come true!
God bless,
A Letter from Teresa
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