Coming Attractions
Thief of Hearts
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Had he come to guard her body or steal her heart?

Prim and pampered, Lucinda Snow knows little of men and nothing of danger until the fog-shrouded night she is abducted by the legendary Captain Doom. Ruthless and mocking, tender and virile, the notorious pirate awakens all of her passionate longings, then leaves her with nothing but a kiss.

After that night, her father hires the handsome and mysterious Gerard Claremont to serve as her personal bodyguard. Too late, Lucy discovers that the man hired to protect her body poses an even greater danger to her lonely heart.

Book 2 of the ROGUES AND GENTLEMEN series, which includes YOURS UNTIL DAWN, THIEF OF HEARTS, ONCE AN ANGEL and NOBODY'S DARLING (Related by theme only. Can be read in any order.)
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