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Once an Angel
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A Sleeping Beauty Awakened by a Rogue’s Kiss…

After fleeing the dukedom that was rightly his, the last thing exiled nobleman Justin Connor expected to find washed up on the wild shores of his island paradise was a young woman asleep on the sand, curled like a child beneath the moonlight. His hard-won peace is shattered by the mischievous creature with the wicked dimple and mysterious past.

Orphaned and cheated of her inheritance, Emily Claire Scarborough has sailed halfway around the world to find the man who promised her father he would take care of her, then abandoned her to an English boarding school. She is determined to make him pay for her years of loneliness—with nothing less than his heart.

Book 3 of the ROGUES AND GENTLEMEN series, which includes YOURS UNTIL DAWN, THIEF OF HEARTS, ONCE AN ANGEL and NOBODY'S DARLING (Related by theme only. Can be read in any order.)
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